Thursday, June 15, 2006

New Teen Girl Demi

It’s Tuesday and like you all know; new girls come up on .. .. Today’s second addition to the team would be a girl named Demi from The Czech Republic. Every girl that we had from Czech is so hot that I’m actually thinking on visiting there. Demi has the most perfect rounded tits that I’ve seen, every picture reveals it. Just take a look!!!

Now this is more like it. Not only those she got the perfect tits, but also the "Landing Strip" .. This looks so hot that you have no idea.. Check it out!!

New Teen Girl Pics

Today just like every Tuesday 2 new girls go up on This girl here is named Andi and she’s straight from The Czech Republic. I’ve been thinking on adding a script about votes, since its seems that Czech girls and Hungarian’s are the hottest of them all, This will let you guys actually vote for your favorite girls, but I’m still thinking about it. In the mean time.. Enjoy some of the hottest pics from Andi!!

Since this girl is so hot!!! I’m thinking its just a matter of time since it becomes the members favorites…….

Monday, June 12, 2006

18yr Old Posing Naked

Lynn is by far the most innocent teen that I’ve come across with. She basically started her modeling career with us!! Lynn signed with us 3 days after her 18th bday!. She was really nervous at first, actually you can tell from the first set how nervous she was. After getting comfortable with us her facial expression changed… She had the biggest smile on her face, which made us happy :)

By like the 4th Lynn had so much confidence on her body that made the shoot go smoothly!!

Btw!! She also has a masturbation video where she plays with her favorite toys… its really cute.. Don’t miss it..

Petite Beauty Dana

Dana is part of the hottest petite teens that has to offer for you. To this group we can the top selling girl named Laura, the members favorite girl named Katrina, and the hottest sensation straight from the Ukraine named Miya. Dana’s body is just pretty much perfect.. I’m going to let you appreciate it for yourself….

Ok.. so you’ve seen what her behind looks like… Now take look of what she’s got to offer in front!!

Post some comments to let me know what you think!!!!.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Melisa Tiny Tits

This sexy teen named Melisa comes from Canada. For Melisa we decided to tryout this new photographer to give him a change. Turns out, he did pretty good. He followed the instructions and delivered quality content. There’s a picture below here from where he did a set inside the woods, the set looks really good especially because of the color matching that he did with the girls outfit. There are some other sets that were done inside a studio which makes the girl look even hotter! and the quality of the pictures is just great. We definitely are going to use this photographer again :)

This girl is so Hot!! .. just take a look at her tan lines…

Spicy Hot Latina Teen

This Hot Latina is brought to you by Her name is Bobbi; she’s a Hispanic teen from Texas that to my knowledge she’s still in High School. She’s very giggly and energetic. Inside the members area there’s this unique feature that allows you to basically create your own portfolio from all your favorite pics. Its not to our surprise that Bobbi’s pictures are pretty much in every members portfolio, since she’s one spicy Latina.

The reason why i post her with clothes on at first is to give you an idea of what her personality is like. Now take a look at the second pic and let me know what you think….

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Diana Smiling Teenie

Diana is one of the sexiest brunettes that has to offer. Just take a look at her beautiful blue eyes with those perfect round tits of hers. Dianas content stands out in the members area because not only the unique colors that she wears, but also the colors from where the pictures were taking; including the colors of her dildo :)

Not to mention how perfect her body is; I mean just look at her!!

Don’t forget to leave a comment!!

Busty Ukrainian Girl

Brooke is one of the hottest Ukrainian girls that I’ve seen so far. Most of our members love petite girls from The Ukraine like Katrina, Laura, Miya, etc. but I prefer busty girls better. It’s just that I’ve never seen a girl from the Ukraine with such a perfect body like Brooke.

Not only the girl is hot, but her content as well.. The sexy poses that she does and they way she touches her body it will make you want more. Enjoy !!

Feel like you want more?? Here’s some of her best galleries for you…
Gallery from the first picture above is here
Gallery from teh second picture is here

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Regina Czech Teen Girls

Every week we add 2 new girls to, but you probably know that by now. This week we added Regina. She reminds me of someone famous but I cant think who it is. For some reason I want to say Reece Witherspon but I think I am wrong on that.

She is from Prague. One of my favorite photographers is over there. He is consistently good and can even make ugly girls look good. This girl has nice nipples and a cute body.

We dont shoot too many blondes for I am not sure why, we dont get a lot of hot blondes submitted to us so when I see a hot nubile blonde like Regina I am really happy.

Check out her movie on the tour, shes a hot little number and a nice addition to the team.

Diana is too good

Too good. Is the first thought when I look at Diana. Its like she doesnt have any imperfections. I didnt have a hard time at all making a decision on if we wanted to shoot her. You know sometimes I look at girls and I am like "I really dont know if this is a good idea". Its hard because sometimes girls look different in person than they do in shoots and other times they look even hotter. Of course when I saw Diana it wasnt even a question cause I know she would do good.

Diana has small breasts but they are nice and full if you want to see them you should head over to because over there we got more samples to show you. You can even read her full biographry and get to know her a little bit better.